Sunday, August 14, 2011

it's really happening. . .

Save for another gas leak (cross fingers!), we're on for tomorrow.

Oh, boy.
I've got (I think) a super fun week planned for the pequeñitos. Clearly deriding the nonhelp of the system-given daily LP Template (which I filled out nonetheless!), my calendar for the week looks like this:

Within those squinched syllables (not unlike Blackberry Eating, non?) are some grade-A short stories and essays for dissection and adoration, Native creation stories that my kids will dramatize and then juxtapose with the Zuni creation story, and plans for my journalism class' first story: The Gas Leak at Zuni High :)

I'm waiting for some pinto beans to finish cooking, so I'll share some sweet serendipity before bed: 

Knowing the caliber of Louise Erdrich, I sought to find an essay of hers to accompany / contrast with her delightful short story "Leap." Then, on a link on Google, some Erdrichite had enthused, "Oh, I recommend the wonderful essay 'Skunk...' by Louise Erdrich. It's in the 1994 Best American Essays." I scanned the page, and then double-took. Paused. Then walked slowly out my car and grabbed a blue book from the top of my spoils from yesterday's Goodwill trip. Yup. You got it. Of all the books in the Goodwill - of ALL the Best American Essays - I had happened to nab the 1994 edition.
So my kids are going to read "Skunk Dreams." And they're gonna like it :)

Wish me luck?
Over and out ~

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