Friday, August 12, 2011

what a gas!

Just a brief note from this slow, hummingbird-thrummed day.

It began with the morning water of the tiny garden:
(but look at those little royal burgundy beans go! . . . also, soon I'll take proper pictures - it's been photobooth so far)

Then, I headed to my gas-capped but still unsafe building. Determined to make something of my weekend, I made a catalogue of all the books in our English dep't Book Room. There are 121 different books within that have at least enough copies to do book circles - most have enough for class or grade sets. 
Huzzah! Full-year curriculum planning can commence for the weekend!

The lovely L. has arrived for the weekend, so I'll pop off. I'll leave you with a few photos of the room: the new "news section," the identity Big Goal, and the coolest door in the school (given that no one else has decorated their door, it's not saying much, but still)
Over and out!

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